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An entity in A is associated with at most one entity in B, and an entity in B is associated with at most one entity in A.This is called as
An atom is itself an entity and by charge it is
An entity in A is associated with at most one entity in B. An entity in B, however, can be associated with any number (zero or more) of entities in A
Which type of entity cannot exist in the database unless another type of entity also exists in the database, but does not require that the identifier of that other entity be included as part of its ow
Which of the following refers to an entity in which the identifier of one entity includes the identifier of another entity
Which type of entity has its relationship to another entity determined by an attribute in that other entity called a discriminator
You use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft .NET Framework 4 to create an application. You use the ADO.NET Entity Data Model (EDM) to define a Customer entity. You need to add a new Customer

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