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In a face centred cubic arrangement of A and B atoms in which A atoms are at the corners of the unit cell and B atoms at the face centres, one of the A atoms is missing from one corner in unit cell. T
The hydrogen atoms are excited to the stationary state designated by the principal quantum number, n = 3. The spectral lines emitted by hydrogen atoms, as explained by Bohrs theory will be
Kind of fatty acids which consists of double-bonded carbon atoms in place of hydrogen atoms is called
What is formed when replaceable hydrogen atoms in an acid are completely or partially replaced by metal atoms
Two atoms of hydrogen, one atom of sulfur and four atoms of oxygen make up an acid. name of acid is
Kind of fatty acids whose carbon atoms are bonded to hydrogen atoms are called
When atoms of hydrogen give electrons to chlorophyll then atoms become
Which of following has at least one hydrogen atom or two hydrogen atoms attached to carbonyl carbon atom
A rubber balloon permeable to all isotopic forms of hydrogen is filled with heavy hydrogen and placed in tank of pure hydrogen. After some times, the balloon will

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