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Quantities between which a graph is plotted are known as
Quantities between which graph is plotted is called
If the graph of y = f(x) is transformed into the graph of 2y - 6 = - 4 f(x - 3), point (a , b) on the graph of y = f(x) becomes point (A , B) on the graph of 2y - 6 = - 4 f(x - 3) where A and B are gi
The boundary of a mine is plotted on a scale of 1:2000. If a planimeter measures the plotted area as 58 cm2, the actual mine area in m2 is
Which two values are plotted on a B-H curve graph
When cumulative frequencies are plotted against end points of their respective class intervals and joined together, resultant graph is called
For a first order reaction the graph will be a straight line in case the value�. are plotted
In Bode plot, Φ vs ω is plotted on a/an __________ graph paper
In Bode plot, A.R. vs. w is plotted on a/an __________ graph paper

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