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A tennis ball hits vertically upward with velocity of 25ms−1 and takes 4 s to reach highest point. maximum height reached by ball is
Who reached station first among P, Q, R, S, T and V?I. Q reached before R but not before S, who reached after V but before P.II. R reached after V and Q. P reached after S, who did not reach after Q
A ball is thrown vertically upward from the ground. It crosses a point at the height of 25 m twice at an interval of 4 seconds. The ball was thrown with the velocity of
Balls are thrown vertically upward in such a way that the next ball is thrown when the previous one is at the maximum height. If the maximum height is 5m, the number of balls thrown per minute will be
Price of 3 Tennis balls = Price of 2 pairs of cricket leg padsPrice of  3 pairs of cricket leg pads = Price of 2 pairs of cricket glousesPrice of 3 pairs of cricket glouses= Price of 2 Tennis batIf a

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