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Compared to drum, vibration of a whistle is
Trains sound the engine whistle at most highway/railway crossings as a safety warning. When you are approaching a crossing and hear an engine whistle, you must
A force of 400 N is applied to the brake drum of 0.5 m diameter in a band-brake system as shown in the figure, where the wrapping angle is 180°. If the coefficient of friction between the drum and th
Bucket P has thrice the capacity as bucket Q. It takes 80 turns for bucket P to fill the empty drum. How many turns it will take for both the buckets P and Q, having each turn together to fill the emp
If 200 liters of orange juice is to be poured in cylindrical drum with diameter of 80cm then depth of orange juice in drum is
Sound produced by a large drum is louder than a small drum because of its

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