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Singular of taxa is
Name of scientist who introduced taxa of "species" and "class" in taxonomic hierarchy is
Which of the following taxa shows zooidogamous oogamy?(I) Spirogyra(II) Funaria(III) Pteris(IV) CycasThe correct answer is
Assertion (A): An ascending taxonomic sequence of Gossypium herbaceum indicates its placement in progressively higher groups.Reason (R): Ascending taxonomic hierarchy indicates that a taxon is treated
Organisms in which of the following taxa are responsible for most of the conversion of organic materials into inorganic compounds that can be utilized in primary production
Production, consumption, and decomposition are important ecosystem processes. Organisms in which of the following taxa perform decomposition
Alice's father is a surgeon, he mostly does not have time to spend with his family (Which word is a singular possessive noun?)

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