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Echoes may be heard more than once due to successive or multiple reflections
Echoes maybe heard more than once due to
I heard someone knock. I opened the door.(A) On hearing someone knock .....(B) While I heard someone .....(C) As I heard someone
The persistence of audible sound due to the successive reflections from the surrounding objects even after the source has stopped to produce that sound is called _________
Which of the following works on the concept of multiple reflections
Multiple reflections are called
Among M, N, D, P and K who earns just more than only the least earner among them? I. 'N' earns more than 'M' and 'P' but less than only 'D' II. 'M' earns more than 'P' who earns less than 'K'
Statement:Eighty percent of the employees of X Ltd. earn more than Rs. 5000 per month. Seventy percent of employees of X Ltd. work as supervisors.Conclusions:I. All the supervisors earn more than Rs.