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Some of tops of underwater volcanoes have emerged out of sea to form
Fact 1: Islands are surrounded by water.Fact 2: Maui is an island.Fact 3: Maui was formed by a volcano.If the first three statements are facts, which of the following statements must also be a fact?I.
Some envelops are gums. Some gums are seals. Some seals are adhesives Conclusions Some envelops are seals Some gums are adhesives Some adhesives are seals Some adhesives are gums
Some pins are needles. Some needles are handles. Some handles are locks. Some locks are keys Conclusions I. Some keys are handles II.Some handles are pins III. Some pins are keys
Statements: Some envelops are gums. Some gums are seals. Some seals are adhesives Conclusions: Some envelopes are seals. Some gums are adhesives. Some adhesives are seals. Some adhesives are
Two hill tops A and B 20 km apart are intervened by a third top C. If the top most contour of the three hill tops are of the same value, state whether the line of sight AB
Statements: Some taxis have horns. Some taxis have lights. Conclusions: Every taxi has either horn or light. Some taxis have neither light nor horn. Some taxis have horns as well as lights. No

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