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Ocean stabilizes weather by holding and absorbing
Which of the following is contained on chips connected to the system board and is a holding system board and is a holding area for data instructions and information ?( processed data waiting to be out
Trace mineral which hardens tooth enamel and stabilizes minerals of bones is
The centre of excellence which specializes in reading the weather conditions of the spaceand helps the air traffic on their polar routes is scheduled to come up in which city and by when.The space wea
If in a certain code language, 'oka peru' means 'fine cloth' ; 'meta lisa' means 'clear water' and 'dona lisa peru' means 'fine clear weather' , which word in that language means 'weather'
Here are some words translated from an artificial language.gemolinea means fair warninggerimitu means report cardgilageri means weather reportWhich word could mean “fair weather?”

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