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Who applied word 'spectrum' to describe rainbow of colors that combine to form white light
Disk spun on rainbow to join its seven colors in order to make effect of white light is known as
A beam of white light is incident on glass air interface from glass to air such that green light just suffers total internal reflection. The colors of the light which will come out to air are
Majority of people wear white or light colored clothes in summer, because light colors
Statements:All red are white.Some black are red.No white is blue.Conclusions:I. Some white are black.II. Some black are blue.III. No red is blue.IV. No white is black
Three boxes contain respectively 3 white and 1 black, 2 white and 2 black, 1 white and 3 black balls, from each of the boxes one ball is drawn at random. The probability that 2 white and 1 black ball
To form other colors like brown, peach, purple etc. colors that are required, are

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