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In computer In which  MS-Excel say that you want to paste a formula result - but not the underlying formula - to another cell. The procdure is to first copy the cell with the formula, then place the
Considering formula c = b²⁄a - b, then if value of a = -20 and b = -10, value of c is
Considering formula a = bc + cd + f + g⁄bcd, then if value of b = 2, c = 3, d = -3, f = 1, g =-2, value of 'a' will be
Considering formula V = lbh, then if l = 2cm, b = 3cm and h = 6, value of 'V' will be
Considering formula 1⁄w = 1⁄x + 1⁄y + 1⁄z, then if x = 5, y = 10, and z = 15, value of 1⁄w is
The formula which accepts the value of rugosity coefficient n = 0.012 to be used in Manning's formula, is given by
Westergaard's formula for vertical stress gives greater value of stress than that by the Boussinesq's formula, when r/z exceeds
A box contains coins (equal no. of every one) of rupee and half rupee, coins of 25 paise, 10 paise, 5 paise value, 2 paise value and one paise value. The total value of coins in the box is Rs. 1158. F

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