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Area which receives annual rainfall of less than 250 millimeters is classified as
If total sum of money to be divided in three siblings Ana, Ben and Mary is $6000, Ana receives two times as much as Ben receives and Mary receives three times as much as Ben. If Ben receives '$y' then
A sum of Rs. 731 is divided among A,B and C, such that 'A' receives 255 more than 'B' and 'B' receives 25% less than 'C'. What is 'C' s share in the amount
A sum of Rs. 4,300 is distributed among M, N and O, such that M receives 25% more than N and N receives 25% less than O. What is O’s share in the amount
Why does Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats both receive sufficient rainfall but Deccan Plateau receives scanty rainfall
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Climate and Natural Vegetation

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