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To measure time interval of an event, we use
A function y = 5x2 +10 x is defined over an open interval x = (1, 2) . At least at one point in this interval, dy/dx is exactly
A research laboratory conducts various experiments. The probability of occurrence of an event in one trial of an experiment is 0.3. Three independent trials of an experiment are performed. Find the pr
Event (A): Senior students ragged junior students. Event (B): Senior students were suspended
Event (A): India's national game, Hockey, is now India's shame. Event (B): India's national hockey team finished 11th among the 12 countries that played in the recent hockey world cup
Event (A):  India has been categorized as one of the flawed democracies in the world.Event (B):  India is the greatest democratic country in the world
Event (A):  From now on the two multinationals Nokia and Siemens will operate as a single entity in India.Event (B):  The two multinationals have approvals to operate individually in India

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