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To measure time interval of an event, we use
In the output of a DM speech encoder, the consecutive pulses are of opposite polarity during time interval t1 < t < t2. This indicates that during this interval
The Olympic record time for running the endurance event was 4 hours and 40 minutes. Rahul recently broke that record, running a time of 3 hours and 20 minutes. What fraction of the original record tim
Optimistic time, most likely time and pessimistic times for the activities of a network in the given figure are written above their arrows. If the contractual obligation time for the project is 75, th
A function y = 5x2 +10 x is defined over an open interval x = (1, 2) . At least at one point in this interval, dy/dx is exactly
One calorie is defined as the heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gm of water by 10C in a certain interval of temperature and at certain pressure. The temperature interval and pressure is
A research laboratory conducts various experiments. The probability of occurrence of an event in one trial of an experiment is 0.3. Three independent trials of an experiment are performed. Find the pr

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