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In some plants, if a branch of a plant is cut and planted in soil, roots will grow and form a new plant, this reproduction is known as
A branch of plant that grows and bends downwards to soil, with growing of small roots over surface of soil which penetrates in soil. This kind of asexual reproduction is known as
Plants Reproduction A piece of ginger develops inbto a new plant it it is planted in the soil along with the
A gardener was asked a plant flowers in a row containing equal number of plants. He tried to plant 6, 8, 10 and 12 in each row, but 5 plants left in each case. When he planted 13 in a row, no plant wa
If a piece of onion is planted in a soil, it will turn into a plant with multiple onions under it, this asexual reproduction is called
Type of asexual reproduction in which in which new plants are developed by vegetative parts of plants such as stems, leaves and roots are called
"In any linear bilateral network, if a source of e.m.f. E in any branch produces a current I in any other branch, then same e.m.f. acting in the second branch would produce the same current / in the f
A part of plant that keeps on growing over soil, making other small plants with penetrating roots in soil and growing of shoots towards light is known as
Statements:Orchids are plants.Bamboos are grasses.Grasses are not trees.Some plants are trees.Conclusions:I. Some Orchids are trees.II. No Bamboo is a tree.III. Some grasses are plants.IV. No grass is

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