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Energy supplied by a unit charge as it moves from one point to other in direction of field is called
What would be energy supplied by charge if a point charge of +2 is transferred from a point at potential 100V to a point at potential 50V
Point P is 10m to the West of Point A. Point B is 2m to the South of Point P. Point Q is 6m to the East of Point B. Point C is 2m to the North of Point Q. Which of the following three points fall in a
A particle having positive charge is released from rest in an electric field acting horizontally and moves under the influence of both electric field and gravity. Which one of the following quantities
A charged particle moves in a magnetic field in a plane perpendicular to the magnetic field. The orbital magnetic moment of circulating charge is direction
Energy supplied by a battery to a unit positive charge when it flows through closed circuit is called

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