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Pure oxygen is mixed with air to produce an enriched air containing 50 volume % of oxygen. The ratio of moles of air to oxygen used is
In clean air, composition of oxygen by volume is
Clean Ganga mission saw which move to clean the river implemented
I have to clean my car now '. Bob said he had to clean his car __________________
Statement: The campaign of 'Keep your city clean' started by the Civil Council did not evoke any response from the citizens. Assumptions People do not desire to keep their city clean. The Civil Co
The number of moles of oxygen in one litre of air (21% oxygen by volume) at S.T.P. would be
In clean air, percentage of oxygen is
Presence of nitrogen in high concentration in contaminated air reduces partial pressure of oxygen in lungs, thereby causing asphyxia (suffocation) leading to death from oxygen deficiency. Concentratio

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