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6 carpenters make a cupboard in 12 days. If 2 more carpenters are added, They will make cupboard in
Statements:All carpenters are agile people.Some agile people are quick.No soft is quick.Conclusions:I. Some carpenters are soft.II. Some carpenters are quick.III. Some agile are not soft
Raghu can complete a work in 12days working 9 hours a day. Arun can complete the same work in 8 days working 11 hours a day. If both Raghu and Arun work together, working 12 hours a day, in how many d
Cloudy days tend to be more windy than sunny days.Foggy days tend to be less windy than cloudy days.Sunny days tend to be less windy than foggy days.If the first two statements are true, the third sta
The labelled price of a cupboard is Rs. 6500. The shopkeeper sold it by giving 5% discount on the labelled price and earned a profit of 15%. What approximately is the cost price of the cupboard

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