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In periodic table elements with similar valence shell configuration are placed in
Keeping in view the periodic law and periodic table, suggest which of the following elements should have maximum electronegative character
According to the modern Periodic Law, the properties of elements are periodic functions of their
Ranjan purchased 120 tables at price of Rs. 110 per table. He sold 30 tables at a profit of Rs. 12 per table and 75 tables at profit of Rs. 14 per tables. The remaining tables were sold at a loss of R
Which EIGRP information is held in RAM and maintained through the use of Hello and update packets Neighbor table STP table Topology table DUAL table
Consider the following statements Acceptor level lies close the valence band.Donor level lies close to the valence band.n type semiconductor behaves as an insulator at 0 K.p type semiconductor behaves
Match the following: List I List II A.Copper1.produces discrete energy level just above valence bandB.Rubber2.produces discrete energy level just below conduction bandC.Antimony3.large forbidden gapD.
In a valence crystal, the valence electrons

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