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Ablock weighing 18 N is lifted 7 m vertically upward. potential energy stored in it is
When an object is lifted 10 meters, it gains a certain amount of potential energy. If the same object is lifted 20 meters, its potential energy gain is
A 50-kg sack is lifted 2 meters in the same time as a 25-kg sack is lifted 4 meters.  The power expended in raising the 50-kg sack compared to the power used to lift the 25-kg sack is
Libra had three diamond weighing equal. One of the diamond fell and broke into 4 equal pieces weighing 20gm each. what was the total weight of three diamonds
A 20 N metal block is suspended by a spring balance . A beaker containing some water is placed on a weighing machine which reads 40 N. The spring balance is now lowered so that block gets immersed in
The difference between the potential energy of the products and the potential energy of the reactants is the_____
A string of length 90 cm is fastened to two points A and B at the same level 60 cm apart. A ring weighing 120 g is slided on the string. A horizontal force P is applied to the ring such that it is in
In the elutriation leg of a commercial crystallizer containing a mixture of coarse and very fine crystals of the same material, a liquid is pumped vertically upward. The liquid velocity is adjusted su
Velocity of ball at highest point when its thrown vertically upward is

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