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After a collision largest bodies formed are called
Statement:After collision of two vessels in the sea all the crewmen and passengers are declared as missing. - A news report.Conclusions:I. No one from the two vessels has survived after the collision.
A sandbag in outer space moves at 3 m/s and collides and sticks to a half-as-massive sandbag initially at rest. Compared to the kinetic energy of the moving bag before collision, the kinetic energy of
If there occurs a collision between two tectonic plates with continental crust collision it is the
A car has a head-on collision with another car with the same magnitude of momentum.  An identical car driving with the same speed as the first car runs into an enormously massive wall.  The greater
Two bodies begin a free fall from rest, the same height, 1 second apart. How long after the first body begins to fall will the two bodies be 10 apart

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