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If fo is focal length of objective and fe is focal length of eye piece, then magnification of a refracting (M) telescope can be determined as
The distance between the objective lens and the eye lens of an astronomical telescope when adjusted for parallel light is 100 cm. The measured value of the magnification is 19. The focal lengths of th
A piece of string is 40 centimeters long. It is cut into three pieces. The longest piece is 3 times as long as the middle-sized piece and the shortest piece is 23 centimeters shorter than the longest
An imaginary line passing through the optical centre of the objective and the optical centre of the eye-piece in the telescope of a surveying instrument is called the
A 120-foot-long rope is cut into 3 pieces. The first piece of rope is twice as long as the second piece of rope. The third piece of rope is three times as long as the second piece of rope. What is th
Two concave lenses of 60 cm focal length are cemented on either side of a convex lens of 15 cm focal length. The focal length of the combination is
In a telescope the object glass of focal length 14 cm, is located at 20 cm from the diaphragm. The focussing lens is midway between them when a staff 16.50 m away is focussed. The focal length of the
A refracting telescope gather and focus light from distant objects by using
In an external focussing tacheometer, the fixed interval between the stadia hairs is 5 mm; the focal length of the objective is 25 cm ; and the distance of the vertical axis of the instrument from the

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