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Rocks and Minerals Mixtures

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Metamorphic rocks generally form due to
A type of unconformity characterized by the occurrence of sedimentary rocks on igneous/metamorphic rocks is known as
In metamorphic rocks, features that tell history of these rocks are caused by
Like sedimentary and igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks also have features that tell their
Nonfoliated metamorphic rocks are generally made up of
A, B, C, D, E, F and G are minerals in a sample of metamorphic rock. The micro-texture of the assemblage is given below. A, D and G are porphyroblasts, B and C are coronas, E and F are inclusions.  
The larger occurrences of minerals of igneous and metamorphic rocks are called
Metamorphic rocks become magma on melting at high
Texture of metamorphic rocks in which grains are arranged in bands or planes is called
Number of textures of metamorphic rocks is
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