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Gravity of a black hole is so high, even light cannot escape
Which of the following statement is/are correct ?1.Recently Indian student Dheeraj R Pashm discovered the black hole.2.First time the black hole was discovered in 1970
NASA scientists discovered the youngest black hole in our galaxy, Milky Way in February 2013. How far is this black hole from Earth
a peacock is sitting on a 19 m long pole, a snake is approaching the hole which is at bottom of the pole, the snake is 27 m away from the hole, if their speeds are same, find the distance from the hol
Ratio of area of hole to beaker is 0.1. Height of liquid in beaker is 3m, and hole is at the height of 52.5 cm from the bottom of beaker, find the square of the velocity of liquid coming out from the

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