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Technique used to locate underwater depths or locating objects lying deep on ocean floor is called
Mahesh's flat is on which floor of the five-floor apartment?I. His flat is exactly above Ganesh's flat whose flat is exactly above Nitin's first-floor flat.II. Jeevan's flat, which is adjacent to Mahe
A water tank placed on the floor has two small holes, pinched in the vertical wall, one above the other. The holes are 3.3 cm and 4.7 cm above the floor. If the jets of water issuing out from the hole
This type of drawing is created to calculate areas, locate property lines, and locate building projects and facilities
If wall is called window, window is called door, door is called floor, floor is called roof and roof is called ventilator, What will a person stand on
Zone near surface of ocean at middle depths is called

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