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A boy clapped his hands near a cliff and heard eco 3 s later. If speed of sound is 346 ms-1, then distance of cliff from boy is
A stone is thrown vertically upwards from cliff with velocity 5 m/s. It strikes the pond near the base of cliff after 4s. The height of cliff is
A house is built at top of cliff. From foot of cliff at a distance of 75 m, angle of elevation of top of house is 51° and angle of elevation at top of cliff 41°. height of house is
Sound produced at a point is heard by a person after 5 second, while the same sound is heard by another person after 6 seconds. If the speed of sound is 300 m/s, what could be the maximum and minimum
A man claps his hands near a mountain and hears the echo in 6 sec. If the distance of the mountain in 990 m. What is the speed of the sound
I heard someone knock. I opened the door.(A) On hearing someone knock .....(B) While I heard someone .....(C) As I heard someone

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