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2 square roots of unity are
Two gases X and Y are at same temperature and pressure. The reduced temperature of X is below unity while that of Y is above unity. Thus,
Consider a unity feedback control system with open-loop transfer function The steady state error of the system due to a unity step input is
Assertion (A): An ideal rectifier should have unity harmonic factorReason (R): An ideal rectifier should have unity displacement factor
Product of 3 cube roots of unity is/are
Sum of all cube roots of unity is
Assertion (A): A. For a unity feedback system, with , the settling time of step response is constant for all values of K ≥ 1Reason (R): The real part of the roots for all values of K ≥ 1 are negat
Statements All leaves are roots Some leaves are branches Conclusions I. some branches are not leaves. II. At least some roots are branches
Find the quadratic equations whose roots are the reciprocals of the roots of 2x2 + 5x + 3 = 0

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