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Due to a large quantity of electric charge which builds up in heavy thunderclouds, phenomenon occurs is called
Choose the set in which the statements are logically related All books are having pages All kings are having pages All kings are books Some heavy things are having pages Some heavy things are books So
There was a heavy downpour for the last two days. Life came to a standstill.(A) Since there was a heavy downpour .....(B) There being a heavy downpour .....(C) While there was heavy downpour
A charge distribution has the charge density given by ρ = Q{δ(x - x0) - δ(x + x0)}. For this charge distribution the electric field at (2x0, 0,0)
A particle having positive charge is released from rest in an electric field acting horizontally and moves under the influence of both electric field and gravity. Which one of the following quantities
A point charge placed at any point on the axis of an electric dipole at some large distance experiences a force F. The force acting on the point charge when its distance from the dipole is quadrupled
Thunderclouds are charged by friction between

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