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Statements No conductor is an insulator.Wood is insulator.Magnet is conductor.Some Copper is not wood.Conclusions:I. Copper is a conductor.II. Some copper is insulator.III. No magnet is wood.IV. Insul
Medium between two plates is air or a sheet of some insulator, such medium is called
The parallel plates of a capacitor are 1 cm apart. The original potential difference between them is 3000 V, and it decreases to 1000V when a sheet of dielectric of dielectric constant 6 is inserted b
A parallel-plate capacitor is held horizontally so that one of the plates is submerged in the liquid while the other is above the surface of the liquid. A constant potential difference is applied betw
The plates of a capacitor are charged to a potential difference of V volts and then connected across a resistor. After one second, the potential difference between the plates is V/3, then after 2 sec.
Some envelops are gums. Some gums are seals. Some seals are adhesives Conclusions Some envelops are seals Some gums are adhesives Some adhesives are seals Some adhesives are gums
Some pins are needles. Some needles are handles. Some handles are locks. Some locks are keys Conclusions I. Some keys are handles II.Some handles are pins III. Some pins are keys

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