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A solid sphere with an initial temperature Ti is immersed in a large thermal reservoir of temperature T0. The sphere reaches a steady temperature after a certain time t1. If the radius of the sphere i
A solid copper sphere is suspended from a massless spring. The time period of oscillation of the system is 4 s. The sphere is now completely immersed in a liquid whose density is 1/8th that of brass.
Consider a neutral conducting sphere. A positive point charge is placed outside the sphere. The net charge on the sphere is then,
A vessel contains oil (density 0.8 g/cc) over mercury (density 13.6 g/cc). A homogeneous sphere floats with half its volume immersed in mercury and the other half in oil. The density of the material o
A concrete sphere of radius R has a cavity of radius r which is packed with saw-dust. The specific gravities of concrete and saw dust are 2.4 and 0.3 respectively.The sphere floats with its entire vol

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