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Compared to an optical telescope, radio telescope should be
Statement: Of all the radio sets manufactured in India, the 'X' brand has the largest sale. Assumptions The sale of all the radio sets manufactured in India is known. The manufacturing of no other
Assertion (A): The optical dielectric constant (i.e., εr at optical frequencies)of ionic dielectrics is less than static dielectric constant. Reason (R): At optical frequencies, Pi = 0
An imaginary line passing through the optical centre of the objective and the optical centre of the eye-piece in the telescope of a surveying instrument is called the
A layer in the Earth’s atmosphere called Ionosphere facilitates radio communication. Why?1. The presence of ozone causes the reflection of radio waves to Earth.2. Radio waves have a very long wavele
A thin glass (refractive index 1.5) lens has optical power of -5D in air. Its optical power in a liquid medium with refractive index 1.6 will be
The construction of optical square is based, on the principle of optical
Optical telescope was first built by
Optical telescope was first built in
The construction of world’s largest optical telescope has started in which country

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