Weathering of rocks is affected by

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Weathering of rocks is affected by
Which one of the following processes of weathering belongs to both mechanical and chemical weathering
Match the following: List I (Instruction) List II (Flag's getting affected)A.ORI1.CY resetB.DAA2.CY reset and AC resetC.PCHIL3.S, Z, AC, P, CY flags affected 4.S, S, P are modified 5.No flags affected
Weathering is important because it breaks down rocks into
A weathering process in which layers of rocks peel off as expansion alternates with contraction , is known as ___
Statements:Some animals are plants.All plants are rocks.Conclusions:I. All plants are animals.II. At least some rocks are animals
A type of unconformity characterized by the occurrence of sedimentary rocks on igneous/metamorphic rocks is known as
“Some stones are rocks” and “Some rocks are clouds”. If both the statements are true, then which of the following statements is DEFINITELY TRUE

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