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Mass of NaOH present per dm3 of 0.25M NaOH solution is
For a certain reaction PV = 2 dm3 atm and volume is 4 dm3 then corresponding pressure is
30 cc of  HCl, 20 cc of  5 HNO3 and 40 cc of  NaOH solutions are mixed and the volume was made up to 1 dm3. The pH of the resulting solution is
An aqueous solution containing 6.5 gm of NaCl of 90% purity was subjected to electrolysis. After the complete electrolysis, the solution was evaporated to get solid NaOH. The volume of 1 M acetic acid
Heat of neutralisation of HCl and NaOH is -57.32 kJ per gram equivalent and that of acetic acid and NaOH is -55.23 kJ per gram equivalent. The heat of dissociation of acetic acid per gram equivalent s
Number of moles of solute dissolved per dm3 of solution is
When 0.2 litre of 1 M NaOH solution and 1.0 litre of 1M solution of H2SO4 are mixed, the resulting solution will be

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