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Phenomenon of death of cells includes
Statements: Death keeps no calendar. Conclusions Man must die one day. Death can come at any time
The phenomenon of the reversion of mature cells to the meristematic state leading to the formation of callus is known as
Basic types of cells includes
Blood cells and cell-like bodies that are present in humans includes
Mitosis (1) leads to recombinant daughter cells (2) is a reduction division (3) leads to formation of parental type of daughter cells (4) occurs in gametes
Determine the correctness or otherwise of the following Assertion (a) and Reason (r).Assertion: Immobilization of plant cells can enhance secondary metabolite production during bioreactor cultivation.
There are two identical red, two identical black, and two identical white balls.In how many different ways can the balls be placed in the cells (Each cell to contain one ball) shown above such that ba

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