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Rain which is caused when rain meets to mountains or hills is classified as
Some mountains are hillocks. Some mountains are rivers. Some mountains are valleys Conclusions All mountains are either hillocks or rivers or valleys No valley is river Some river are valleys
Some hills are rivers. Some rivers are desrets. All desrets are roads Conclusions Some roads are rivers Some roads are hills Some deserts are hills
All snakes are trees. Some trees are roads. All roads are mountains Conclusions:  Some mountains are snakes Some roads are snakes Some mountains are trees
Type of rain which is formed when cold air mass meets warm air mass is classified as
Statements:All mills are bills.No bill is skill.Some bills are not hills.Some skills are fills.Conclusions:I. No skill is mill.II. Some fills are not bills.III. All skills are mills.IV. Some hills are
Tops of hills, mountains and depressions are shown by

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