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Consider the following statements:Ozone is mostly found in the stratosphere.Ozone layer lies 55-75 km above the surface of the Earth.Ozone absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the Sun.Ozone layer has no
Chemical formula of ozone is
If 9.05 moles of ozone is formed in a storm then mass of ozone is
The conversion of oxygen to ozone occurs to the extent of 15% only. The mass of ozone that can be prepared from 67.2 L of oxygen at N.T.P. will be
Which of the following statements regarding ozone layer within the atmosphere is/are correct?1. It absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation found in the Sun's rays.2. Chlorofluorocarbons are serious
Lung cancer & DNA breakage are the major ill effects of excessive ozone exposure to human beings. Ozone layer depletion in the atmosphere is mainly caused by the presence of
In computer In which  MS-Excel say that you want to paste a formula result - but not the underlying formula - to another cell. The procdure is to first copy the cell with the formula, then place the
If farmers want to improve their yield, they must use organic fertilizers in place of chemical fertilizers Assumptions:  I. Chemical fertilizers have certain ill effects on health  II. Chemical fe
A scientist testing the affects of a chemical on apple yeild sprays an orchard with the chemical. A second orchard does not receive the chemical. In the fall, the number of apples harvested from each

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