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By reducing current through cable, power loss in form of heat dissipation can be
Which one of the following equations most directly determines the power dissipation of a resistance when you know the power dissipation of a resistance when you know the voltage drop and current
Plants help in reducing atmospheric pollution. They also help in cooling the surroundings. (A) Besides reducing .....(B) Apart from reducing .....(C) Plants not only help in cooling but
The power dissipation in each of four parallel branches is 1.2 W. The total power dissipation is
A transistor has a maximum power dissipation of 350 mW at an ambient temperature of 25°C. If derating factor is 2 mW/°C, the maximum power dissipation for 40°C ambient temperature is
For BJT transistor. The maximum power dissipation is specified as 350 mW if ambient temperature is 25°C. If ambient temperature is 60°C the maximum power dissipation should be limited to about
Your 10Base2 Ethernet cable is 185 meters long. You are planning to extend your network by adding another 100 meters of cable. The total length of the cable will be 285 meters. The network uses NetBEU
A steel cable of 2 cm diameter is used to lift a load of 500π kg. Given that, E = 2 x 106 kg/cm2 and the length of the cable is 10 m, the elongation of the cable due to the load will be
What problem can occur if a printer cable is to close to a power cable

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