Direction of induced emf in a circuit is in accordance with law of

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Direction of induced emf in a circuit is in accordance with law of
According to Fleming's right-hand rule for finding the direction of induced e.m.f., when middle finger points in the direction of induced e.m.f., forefinger will point in the direction of
Direction of an induced current in a circuit is always such that it opposes cause that produces it. This law was introduced by
The emf of 3 identical cells connected in series in 6 V. The emf of each is
A thermocouple having a linear relationship between 0oC and 350oC shows an emf of zero and 30.5 mV, respectively at these two temperatures. If the cold junction temperature is shifted from 0oC to 30oC
Three equal resistors connected in series across a source of emf together dissipate 10 watts of power. What would be the power dissipated in the same resistors when they are connected in parallel acro
A standard cell of 1.0185 V is used with a slide wire potentiometer. The balance was obtained at 60 cm. When an unknown emf was connected, the balance was obtained at 82 cm. The magnitude of unknown e
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A closed circuit consists of a source of emf E and an inductor coil of inductance L, connected in series. The active resistance of whole circuit is R. At the moment t = 0, inductance of coil abruptly
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