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An example of stringed instruments is
Statements: All the harmoniums are instruments. All the instruments are flutes Conclusions: All the flutes are instruments. All the harmoniums are flutes
The Boolean expression for the sub-class (Q) of all electronic instruments which are measuring instruments or are non-digital instruments with battery supply is
Consider the following instruments Tangent galvanometerRayleigh current balanceHousehold energy meterHot wire ammeter Out of above absolute instruments are
Assertion (A): Secondary instruments require calibration at frequent intervals.Reason (R): Secondary instruments have many errors
Assertion (A): Absolute instruments are used in standard laboratories.Reason (R): Absolute instruments do not require calibration
What is the output of the following code ?example = "snow world"example[3] = 's'print example
In the PHP code given below, what is/are the properties
Example of human blood group AB is classified as best example of

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