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An engineering test consist of 100 questions. 2 points are awarded for correct answer and 1 point is deducted for wrongly answered questions. Ana attempted 85 questions and her total score was above 1
A question paper had 10 questions. Each question could only be answered as true(T) of False(F). Each candidate answered all the questions, Yet no two candidates wrote the answers in an identical seque
Anil scored 55 marks in Maths test receiving 3 marks for each correct answer amd losing 1 mark for each wrong answer. Had 4 marks been awarded for each correct answer amd 2 marks deducted for wrong
In a test a candidate attempted only 8 Questions and secured 50% marks in each of the questions if the obtained a total of 40% in the test and all questions in the test carried equal marks, how many q

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