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As volcano is carried along by plate, a new volcano is formed over the
A parallel plate capacitor has area of plate A and plate separation d. Its capacitance is C. A metallic plate P of area A and negligible thickness is added as shown in Figure. The new value of capacit
From a circular plate of diameter D, whose centre is C, another circular plate of diameter AC is cut, removed and kept over CB (in the given figure). The thickness of the plate is uniform. The shift o
As crustal plate moves, it carries along volcano which becomes
Consider the following statements: An aqueduct is a cross drainage work in which(a) a canal is carried over the drainage channel(b) a drainage channel is carried over the canal(c) both drainage channe
The average heat transfer co-efficient over the entire length of the plate (ha) and the local heat transfer co-efficient (hL), in case of heat transfer over a flat plate in lminar zone is related as

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