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In a market, intensity level of sound recorded is 80 dB, intensity level of sound should be
Scale to measure intensity level of sound is called
If ‘paper’ is called ‘eraser’, eraser is called ‘bag’, ‘bag’ is called ‘scale’, scale is called ‘pencil’ and pencil is called ‘paper’, what will a person write with
The intensity of sound wave gets reduced by 20% on passing through a slab. The reduction in intensity on passage through two consecutive slabs is
If intensity of rustle leaves is 10-11 Wm-2 then intensity level due to rustling is
During a test, sound level was measured as 90 dB in the operator’s cabin on a tractor. Taking reference sound pressure as 2 * 10-5 N m-2, the measured RMS sound pressure in N m-2 is
If threshold of hearing has a sound level of zero decibels and the sound level in a broadcasting studio is 100 times the threshold of hearing, its value in decibels would be

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