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Richter scale measures factors of
On Richter scale, a '6' means tremor is 10 times greater than a scale of
Richter scale is a
Richter scale meter was made in
The number indicating the intensity of an earthquake on a Richter scale range between
Richter scale is used for measuring
Which of the following is measured on the Richter scale
If a and b are prime numbers, which of the following is true?I. a2 has three positive integer factors.II. ab has four positive integer factors.III. a3 has four positive integer factors.Codes
A plan of an area drawn with the original scale of 1 cm = 10 m, has shrunk such that a line, originally 15 cm long on the plan, measures now 14.5 cm. The shrunk scale is given by 1 cm equal to
A Vernier calipers has 1 mm marks on the main scale. It has 20 equal divisions on the Vernier scale which match with 16 main scale divisions. For this Vernier calipers, the least count is

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