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Objects fall from shelves, plaster walls get cracked and people feel tremor at a level of
Windows may rattle and people may feel tremor at scale of
Statements:Some cats are dogs.All dogs are goats.All goats are walls.Conclusions:I. Some walls are dogs.II. Some walls are cats
Which of the following measures are resorted to for strengthening masonry walls ?1. Provide cross walls.2. Pre-stressing.3. Provide gunite slab on the surface(s) of walls.4. Provide buttresses.Select
An object fall from rest. In the last second of its fall, it covers half of the total distance. If g = 9.8 m s-2 then the total height of the fall is
Six different objects were divided among 4 people. In how many ways it can be done, if there is no restriction on minimum number of objects that each person can get
On a certain product survey company randomly called 200 people to get their opinion, 125 liked the product Of the 200 people and 75 did not like it . how many people should like the product out

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