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In nuclear fusion, as compared to masses of original nuclei, final nucleus is always
The sum of masses of two nuclei produced in nuclear fission compared to the mass of original nucleus is
At a given time there are25% undecayed nuclei in a sample. After 10 second number of undecayed nuclei reduces to 12.5% . Then mean life of the nuclei will be about
A nucleus with A = 235 splits into two nuclei whose mass numbers are in the ratio 2 : 1. Ratio of heavier nuclei is
In nuclear fission, as compared to original mass of heavy nucleus, total mass of product is
Statements: The Indian nuclear explosions have exposed the hypocrisy of the nuclear-haves and have filled the Indians with a sense of pride Assumptions:I. The Indians are proud people.II. If not for
The fusion of the male reproductive nucleus and the female reproductive nucleus is called
The nuclear reaction in which a heavy nucleus splits into two nuclei of nearly equal mass is called
The masses of neutron and proton are 1.0087 and 1.0073 amu respectively. If the neutrons and proton combine to form helium nucleus of mass 4.0015 amu, the binding energy of helium nucleus would be
Assertion (A) : Uranium undergoes nuclear fusion reaction.Reason (R) : It has a big, unstable nucleus

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