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Desert which is very hot in day and becomes very cold at night is
The hot resistance of a tungsten lame is about 12 times its cold resistance. Accordingly, the cold resistance of a 60 Ω, 120 V lamp is about __________ ohm
The calibration data of a thermocouple with its cold junction at 0°C are given below.The hot junction of the thermocouple is placed in a bath at 80°C, while its cold junction is at 20°C. What is th
Temperature of hot desert ranges in day time up to
Assertion (A): In hot wire instrument the material of hot wire in generally platinum iridium.Reason (R): A hot wire ammeter is suitable for ac only
If the Earth shrinks to half of the present radius, without any change in mass, then the duration of day and night becomes
The inequality between day and night becomes greater or more marked as one travels from _______ to _________

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