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Follicle cells provide nourish to each
In a certain code language, if the word GROUND is coded as HPRQSX, then what is coded as NOURISH
Which of the following measures are resorted to for strengthening masonry walls ?1. Provide cross walls.2. Pre-stressing.3. Provide gunite slab on the surface(s) of walls.4. Provide buttresses.Select
A sports goods shop owner has 6 packets of balls each containing the same number of balls. If he sells each ball at Rs. 8 he gains Rs.96. If there were 1 ball less in each packet and he sells each bal
There are two identical red, two identical black, and two identical white balls.In how many different ways can the balls be placed in the cells (Each cell to contain one ball) shown above such that ba
8 cells, each having e.m.f. 1.5 V and internal resistance 0.2 ohm are connected in series. By mistake two cells have been connected with the reversed terminals. The current flowing through an external
A circuit whose resistance is R is connected to n similar cells. If the current in the circuit is the same whether the cells are connected in series or in parallel, then the internal resistance r of e
Which EJB container must provide an implementation of Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) API to provide naming services for EJB clients and components

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