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Acid introduced for sterile surgery by Joseph Lister is
Jennifer and Joseph together have $90. If Jennifer gives Joseph $20 then Joseph will have twice as much money as Jennifer. original amount of money Jennifer and Joseph have is
Joseph has 10 candies. He gave 4 candies to John and John returned 2 candies to Joseph after few days. number of candies Joseph has altogether are
Idea of sterile surgery was promoted by
Male animal that sterile during summer
Which one of the following vitamins is known as the anti sterile factor
The surgeon placed a ______ on the femoral artery to bind it during the long and exhausting surgery
Surgery in which veins or arteries from patient's body parts are grafted into coronary arteries to improve supply of blood to muscles of heart
Laser surgery changes shape of eye by use of
Which of the following gas is used as anaesthetic in dental surgery

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