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The refractive index of glass with respect to water is 1.12. The refractive index of glass with respect to air is 1.5 What will be the refractive index of water with respect to air
The glass of optical fibre has refractive index 1.6 and is clad with another glass of refractive index 1.52. The numerical aperture will be
A thin glass (refractive index 1.5) lens has optical power of -5D in air. Its optical power in a liquid medium with refractive index 1.6 will be
'Refractive index' of quartz is
Quartz crystals normally used in quartz clocks etc. is chemically
Recently, Ministry of Human Resource Development developed a new index termed as ‘Educational Development Index’ (EDI) related to primary and upper primary education.The state at the top of this i
Bowley’s Index Number = 150, Laspeyer’s Index = 180 then Paasche’s index number is __

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