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Hot water is bad for fish eggs to
Due to an increase in 30% in the price of eggs, 3 eggs less are available for Rs. 7.80. Find the present rate of eggs per dozen
A shopkeeper buys 144 eggs at 90 paise each. In the way 20 eggs were broken. He sold the remaining eggs at Rs. 1.20 each. The percentage gain or loss is
Francis has 18 eggs out of which 12 eggs were sold at 10% loss than the cost price. At what mark up should be sell the remaining eggs to cover his losses
"The social contract theory has been criticized as bad history ,bad logic and bad ethics.." who said it
In a dinner party both fish and meat were served. Some took only fish and some only meat. There were some vegetarians who did not accept either. The rest accepted both fish and meat. Which of the foll
Statements: All fish are tortoise. No tortoise is a crocodile. Conclusions    I.    No crocodile is a fish                       II.   No fish is a crocodile
Statements: All fish are tortoise. No tortoise is a crocodile. Conclusions No crocodile is a fish. No fish is a crocodile
A ball is dropped from a height of 20 m above the surface of water in a lake. The refractive index of water is 4/3. A fish inside the lake, in the line of fall of the ball, is looking at the ball. At

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